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We provide Managed Cleaning and Support Services to established businesses, as well as small, rapidly growing start-ups, helping them to maintain top hygiene status, improve lives & the environment.


What we do

When it comes to working in a hygienic, safe and clean environment, our tried and tested services deliver consistently high-value benefits, tailored and delivered by our professional, skilled and passionate hygiene team.


Stainlesscleans provide the following services:


Front of House Cleaning | Kitchen Portering | Office Cleaning | Restaurant Cleaning | Kitchen Deep Cleaning | Start-Up Cleaning Solutions for Hospitality | Health-friendly Workplace Cleaning


across numerous sectors including:


Hospitality and Catering | Advertising and Media | Entertainment, Sport and Leisure | Technology | Consultants and Financial Services | Legal Services | Education | Property Managing Agent | Charity | Healthcare | Retail


Together, we’re focused on improving lives and the space we all depend


We’re delivering services beyond cleaning, to help you:

  • Maintain top hygiene status consistency
  • Reduce the impact of contamination and infection
  • Improve health and productivity
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your commercial operation
  • Improve compliance implementation
  • Improve lives and the environment using lean resources and sustainable methods


Alongside our clients, we’re overcoming timeless issues...


  • Challenges in maintaining top hygiene status consistency
  • The devasting impact of toxic air pollution
  • Increasing burden of infection and cross-contamination
  • Declining food hygiene standards
  • The impact of plastic waste pollution

We clean KITCHEN
Make it safe for food all year round.


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A reliable, multi -task team.


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We provide All in One Start-Up CLEANING + SUPPORT SERVICES Solutions for the Hospitality.

All in One Plan to Achieve & Maintain Top Hygiene Status 24/7, all year round without the high price TAG.

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Make it achieve & maintain top hygiene status 24/7, all year round.


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Responsisble Cleaning



Stainless Cleans Logo


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We clean your OFFICE
Make it hygienically safe for health & productivity.


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We’ll clean your FRONT OF HOUSE
& make it hygiene friendly all year round.


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Hygiene Fit
We DETOX & CLEAN your workplace
For A Happier, Healthier & More Productive TEAM.


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Flexibly Responsive Cleaning


With every cleaning & support service plan

you’ll get everything you need to achieve and maintain top hygiene status 24/7, all year round


Why Choose Stainlesscleans

With a lot of companies that offer the same service, Stainlesscleans is different from the rest. Here are some of the things why you need to choose us:

Persistence Compliance And Commitment


Persistence, Compliance And Commitment

Stainlesscleans is committed to delivering the most comprehensive, flexible and consistent professional cleaning service in London. Read more

We have a unique and effective cleaning system that complies with hygiene standards, demonstrates your due diligence in hygiene commitments and ensures a sustainable environment that maintains high standards of cleanliness.

first impression


Create A Positive First Impression That Lasts

When people work into an environment that is hygienically clean, they notice. They feel it. Read more

Our deep cleaning solutions reduce bacteria on surfaces and noticeably improve air quality thus effectively creating a positive environment that enhances comfort, trust and productivity. You know as well as we do that a clean environment is good for body, mind and soul.

sustainable cleaning


Positive Impact Through Responsible Cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene enhance the image of your business and enables you to obtain more customers and retain staff. Read more

In today’s marketplace, Stainlesscleans is aware that building trust among your staffs, customers and environment subsequently stimulate business growth. We help your business make that positive impact.

Cut Cross Contamination


Cut Cross-Contamination And Free Up Valuable Time For Productivity

We understand that an infectious outbreak in the workplace can be detrimental to the reputation and profitability of your business. Read more

That is why we have formulated a responsible cleaning system that reduces cross contamination in the workplace. We are confident you’ll find our professional cleaning services significantly reduce the cost of effective infection control and subsequently improve productivity and profitability.

Reduce operating cost


Reduce Operating Cost While Still Achieving The Best Results

Stainlesscleans responsible cleaning solution ensures we can cut your cleaning budget while keeping your hygiene status consistently high. Read more

We’re one of the very few that can provide this level of cleanliness with far less products and cost. As a result, you benefit from premium hygiene conditions at lower cleaning costs.

Provide flexibility


Provide Flexibility For Your Business

Stainlesscleans always aim to accommodate your business requirements. Read more

We do not believe in complicating your operational methods or working hours so we offer a flexible service that facilitates a mutually beneficial and thriving working relationship. And here’s another promise: there are no surprises, unwarrantable small print or hidden charges!


If you are responsible for maintaining a healthy working environment in an office, restaurant or kitchen in London,

TALK TO US - 020 329 13 729 | OR Request A Quick Quote

Don’t miss the chance to bring Responsible Cleaning to your operation without the High Price TAG.

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