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4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean

Keeping your gym clean is important because they can be a breeding ground for germs.

Your gym is a place that people go to become healthier. The last thing they want (or you want), is to become sick from touching gym equipment.

Because you can guarantee they won’t be back if they think they caught something from your gym. And they’ll tell everyone else about it too.

The importance of a clean gym

Over 70% of bacteria found on gym equipment is harmful to humans.
The average treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights have over one million germs per square inch with free weights having 362 times more germs than a toilet seat.

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

These types of equipment were positive for gram-positive cocci, which can cause infections, and gram-negative rods, which are infections that can be resistant to antibiotics.
These infections harm your staff and customers, but they also damage your reputation which leads to losing customers. No one wants to work out at a dirty gym were lots of other people have been sweating on the equipment.

Nearly half of exercisers listed ‘sanitation and cleanliness’ as most important to them which means you have to keep your gym clean and demonstrate your commitment to hygiene to your customers.

Benefits of keeping your gym clean
There are lots of benefits of keeping your gym clean including attracting more customers which means more profit.

You’re passionate about helping people stay in shape to have better quality lives, where older people can keep up with their grandkids, and office-workers don’t suffer back pain.
Part of being passionate about helping people live better and healthier lives is to prioritise cleanliness.

And prioritising cleanliness will help you in lots of other ways.

There are a lot of gyms, so you need to beat your competition by creating a great first impression.
People believe word of mouth more than they believe what companies tell them, and if customers aren’t happy with your gym, they won’t hesitate in telling everyone.

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Less sick pay
If staff get sick, then you’ll be stuck having to pay increased sickness absence. Not only that, but you’ll have to find replacements to cover their shift, which could mean you having to do it.

If your gym is clean, there should be less outbreaks of infections which will reduce sick pay.

Keeps equipment lasting longer
Gym equipment is expensive, so you want it to last as long as possible. By keeping your gym equipment maintained and clean, it can help to prolong its life. This means less unexpected repair bills, and you should get years out of your equipment.

The more a sports club spends on housekeeping, the better their performance in growing their revenue, according to a study.
This makes sense when customers are hyper aware of cleanliness in gyms.

Member retention and satisfaction
In the same study, it found a connection between your members perception of cleanliness and their overall satisfaction.

Of a majority of 84% of members who perceive their club to be clean, 83% also reported they were satisfied with their club.

This is great news for your gym because by simply having a clean gym, you are likely to have happy customers without doing anything else, such as adding services or improving customer service (although you should ensure are good too).

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

What needs to be cleaned in a gym?
Everything needs to be cleaned in a gym but especially high touch areas such as door handles and gym equipment.

You must also make sure the toilets, showers, and floors are clean. Especially when people may be doing exercises on the floor, the last thing they want is to dirty their expensive gym gear.

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

How often should a gym be cleaned?
Your gym should be cleaned on a daily basis, this includes cleaning gym equipment and asking customers to wipe them after use.
You should also carry out a deep clean on a regular basis.

How do gyms maintain cleanliness?
The best ways for gyms to maintain cleanliness is by using antecedent-based interventions, such as using signs or making cleaning supplies accessible.

Antecedent-based interventions showed significant potential to positively impact health and safety.

Here are some things you can implement in your gym to improve cleanliness.

1. Create gym cleaning policies
A gym cleaning policy will set out what should be cleaned, when, by who, and with what.
This helps everyone to be accountable for keeping your gym clean.

You should make this available to everyone, including your customers. If you want your customers to wipe down equipment after use, then this is a good place to state it.
Having hygiene rules and regulations makes it easier to keep control of your hygiene and keep your customers happy.

2. Educate your staff and customers
Some people will automatically wipe down equipment after use. The stimulus of a used bench may create a cleaning response for them but not for others.

Additional education may be necessary to encourage others to take responsibility in your gym.
You can use signs and provide cleaning materials, which was shown to increase cleaning.

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

3. Provide gym cleaning stations
Having a cleaning station at doorways is particularly helpful to encourage people to sanitise their hands before or after moving through different areas.

This also shows staff and customers that their wellbeing is important to you.

4 quick and easy steps to keep your gym clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

4. Hire a gym cleaning service
Staff are already very busy, and customers won’t always take accountability for cleaning.

Hiring a gym cleaning service is an investment that can reduce infections, reduce your costs, and attract more customers.

What do gym cleaners do?
Gym cleaners can clean all areas of your gym including gym equipment. At StainlessCleans, we carry out a free hygiene audit and create a 360-degree plan of your gym.

This means all areas will be included and prioritised for cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

We can also carry out occasional deep cleaning too.

Gym cleaning services London
Our gym cleaning services will help you keep your gym hygienic and grow your business.

We offer weekend services and a dedicated account manager that will regularly check your gym is cleaned to a high standard.

We don’t use agency staff and offer the same staff who are trained in COSHH. Using the same staff also helps them to become familiar with your business and customise a cleaning plan to suit you.

What’s included:
• 15% special discount for new customers
• 12-month free supply of our UK Certified Sanitiser Cleaner
• 12-month free supply of our Degreaser Cleaner
• Free hygiene status management folder
• Cleaners
• Supervision
• Audits and quality control
• Administration and insurance
• No extra charges.

We can supply all your cleaning products and we only use safe and eco-friendly supplies. There are no bleaches, acids, toxic chemicals, and they protect against the spread of MRSA, C. diff, E. coli, and norovirus.

We’re here to support people and businesses to succeed by creating a hygienic workplace.
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