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Are you one of those people who eat their lunch at their desk?

What we’re about to reveal may make you stop that.

Your keyboard is one of the top 10 bacteria hotspots in the office.

A cleaning study found an office desk is almost three times dirtier than a toilet seat and your keyboard may have as many germs as a kitchen bin.

If you’re using your keyboard and eating, it’s like you’re licking a bin.

Still want to eat at your desk?

Find out the benefits of keeping a clean workplace and how to clean your bacteria riddled keyboard to stop you from picking up infections.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Importance of keyboard cleaning
An unclean workplace, which includes your desk and very dirty keyboard, can cause lower productivity and higher costs for employers.

For employees, it can mean they frequently catch infections and are less satisfied at work.

Decreased productivity
Areas with high bacteria levels mean you are more likely to catch an infection.

Not only is this not good for staff wellbeing but sickness absence can mean losing on average 30.4 days of productivity.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Higher costs
Sickness absence costs an average of £107.85 per day for every business.
These costs could easily be avoided.

Increase stress
Workplace clutter increases the stress level of employees.

When people are stressed, it leads to delaying decisions which lowers productivity and continues a vicious cycle of higher costs for the business.

And how do you avoid all of this?

By improving cleaning and basic hygiene at work, you can reduce viruses on surfaces by more than 85%.

Taking five minutes even once a week to clean your keyboard or giving it a wipe on a daily basis, could protect you from becoming ill.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

How to clean your keyboard
Whether your keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, magic keyboard, or apple keyboard, you can use these techniques to clean it.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Compressed air
You can use compressed air to get underneath the keycaps. The compressed air comes in cans with a plastic straw nozzle that you can place underneath the keys.

Pressing the button will release a blast of air to move the dirt.
But this only gets rid of debris and doesn’t clean the surface. You must hold it around 1cm above your keyboard as it can dislodge your keycaps.

Use a dust vacuum
You can also use a dust vacuum which does a similar job to compressed air.

It is a handheld device, usually with a brush, that you can clear debris from the keyboard. You can place the vacuum nozzle under the keys to suck up any debris.

Again, this only gets rid of debris and doesn’t get rid of bacteria.
This can also damage your keyboard.

Manual keyboard cleaning is a way to clean your computer keys without compressed air.

Gently tip your keyboard to get any access dirt out of it. Don’t shake too hard or your keys might fall off.

If cleaning your laptop, support the screen while you tip the keyboard upside down.

How do you clean dirty laptop keys?
To clean your keyboard without removing the keys, use a microfibre cloth around something slim like a pen and dampen with disinfectant.

Gently wipe your keyboard keys with this and the surrounding area.

Use a cotton swab with disinfectant to swab your keyboard. You can use either spray disinfectant or powder disinfectant which you just add water to.

You don’t want to get your keyboard too wet of course or it could damage it.

For cleaning on a daily basis, use an antibacterial wipe to clean the surface.
Dust with a microfibre cloth which is the best type of cleaning cloth as it picks up the most bacteria.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

How to deep clean a keyboard
To deep clean a keyboard, you may be able to take it apart to give it a thorough clean.

If your keys are removable then you can take these off with a screwdriver to deep clean your keyboard.

You may also be able to unscrew your keyboard by removing the screws underneath it.

Once you have removed your keys and taken apart the rest of the keyboard:

• Place the computer keys in a colander and wash them with warm water and disinfectant
• Set them on a towel to dry
• Wash the rest of the keyboard the same way
• Put it all together again once it’s thoroughly dry.

Keyboard cleaning tools
There is a range of computer keyboard cleaners that you can use. It is best to choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies which do not have harsh chemicals and cause health issues.

Some keyboard cleaning tools to use are:

• Compressed air
• Dust vacuum
• Antibacterial wipes
• Disinfectant
• Microfibre cloth
• Cotton swabs.

How often should I clean my keyboard?
You should give it a quick clean daily but at least once a week to reduce bacteria. By cleaning your equipment frequently, it can help prevent wear and tear and helps expensive equipment last longer.

Should you hire a cleaning service?
It can be difficult to get your staff to maintain a clean office.

Investing in a cleaning service for businesses can mean increasing productivity, morale, and reducing costs and illness.

Your staff have enough to do without undertaking cleaning too and this type of arrangement can mean no one is accountable for cleanliness.

An office cleaning service will take responsibility for cleanliness and hygiene for you and ensure all record-keeping is up to date.

When choosing an office cleaning service, pick one that has staff who are trained in COSHH and health and safety.

How to clean your laptop keyboard Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

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