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How to keep your office kitchen clean

How to keep your office kitchen clean

Some items in the office, like your desk, are up to three times dirtier than a toilet seat.

A study found the top 10 bacteria hotspots in the office and they found this one room had the highest number of bacteria.

The kitchen.

Find out what the germiest places in your office are and how to keep them clean to reduce infections in your workplace.

How to keep your office kitchen clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

The top 10 dirtiest places in offices:
1. Office Door Handle
2. Office Sink
3. Microwave Door
4. Mobile Phone
5. Kettle
6. Toilet Tap
7. Office Chair
8. Kitchen Fridge
9. Desk Phone
10. Keyboard

The kitchen was the dirtiest room in the office, with four of the ten dirtiest items, being in the kitchen.
Your desk is nearly three times dirtier than a toilet seat and your keyboard may have as many germs as the kitchen bin.

How to keep your office kitchen clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Effects of an unclean workplace

An unclean workplace means lower productivity and higher costs, plus employees can be less satisfied at work and can become sick.

Decreased Productivity
A dirty workplace can lead to infections which are the cause of a large percentage of sickness absence.
Sickness absence can mean the loss of an average 30.4 days of productivity.

Higher Costs

Businesses could lose up to £77 billion a year due to staff coming to work when they are sick which decreases their productivity.

Increased Stress
Clutter increases workers’ stress levels which can cause delays in making decisions.
Cleaning provides an adrenaline rush, so both the act of cleaning and a clean environment helps employees.

How often should an office kitchen be cleaned?
Daily office cleaning means it will be quicker to do and maintain a good level of cleanliness.
An office deep clean should be completed on a regular basis such as on a monthly basis.
This helps to properly disinfect areas, but it also maintains expensive equipment in your office.

How to keep your office kitchen clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Do you Need a Professional Cleaner?
Having a clean workplace could mean higher productivity, fewer illnesses, less time off work, and happier staff resulting in a more profitable business.
Hiring a professional cleaning service means a dedicated person is accountable for the cleaning and will make sure it is done to a high standard.
And it gives your staff time to get on with their own work instead of cleaning up after each other.

How to keep your office kitchen clean Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

What are the duties of an office cleaner?
An office cleaner will carry out a wide range of cleaning tasks such as emptying bins, sanitising areas, and vacuuming. They can also carry out a deep clean of your office.
A good cleaning service will create a tailored plan of what needs to be cleaned, when, and how.

To choose the best office cleaning services, pick a cleaning service that has staff who are trained in COSHH and health and safety. It’s also better if they have permanent staff and don’t use agency employees.
A clean office has lots of benefits for staff and for the business as a whole.

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