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Hygiene Stories

Be a Hygiene Hero

Tell everyone about a business that provides a hygienic space that puts its staff and customers wellbeing first.

Does your business ensure a safe space for customers to return to your establishment?

Or do you want to reward your local business for creating a clean culture?

Businesses work hard to create a space safe for customers and staff. They deserve to be recognised as putting the wellbeing of others first.

It takes less than a minute to reward a business, simply:

  1. Submit your story, which we will review and will be in contact for any more information.
  2. We will then publish it on our social media channels and website.
  3. We’ll send you a link so you can share it with everyone too!

Tell us your hygiene story

  • How do you put the well-being of staff and customers first?
  • Do you use any of our products to create your hygienic space?
  • Is there a business that provided a safe space that made you feel comfortable visiting during the pandemic?
  • Include as many details as you can about your example of a hygienic and safe space for everyone.