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Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning
Businesses who
care about their

we’re giving you one less
thing to worry about…

The ONLY all-in-one customised cleaning system
that gives you everything you need to reduce costs,
infections, and your carbon footprint.

(without the cost of hiring contractors)


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Be compliant

There’s so many rules and regulations you must follow otherwise it could be disastrous for your business. Our system contains all the documentation you need to be compliant.

Cut your costs

Consistent cleaning means less infection, less staff off sick, and less sick pay. A clean workplace creates pride and increased productivity amongst staff which helps grow your business.

Maintain top hygiene

A clean business will make a good impression on visitors. A clean and environmentally friendly business will keep customers coming back and attract new ones.

Make a positive impact

By choosing sustainable cleaning methods and products you are reducing your carbon footprint. Consumers are increasingly purchasing from businesses who are environmentally friendly, so you grow your business while making a positive impact.

Stainlesscleans cleaning system folder

StainlessCleans 360° cleaning system

The tried and tested way your business can cut costs
and stay clean without extra time or money.
Things are tough for businesses right now and we know you haven’t the budget for outsourcing cleaning work.
And with high staff turnover, it’s hard to maintain a top hygiene status when there is no accountability or consistency.
You need a plan to avoid fines and infections even if you suffer with a high staff and management turnover.

That’s why with over 20 years in the cleaning industry, we created our tried and tested complete cleaning system that
helps you reduce your costs and keep your workplace consistently clean. Our sustainable cleaning system
includes easy-to-use resources and eco-friendly cleaning products to improve your workplace and the planet.

Imagine not worrying when the inspectors show up and going from stressed out business owner to in control expert.

Included in your StainlessCleans
360° cleaning system

Set your hygiene goals, rules and procedures

Daily and periodic cleaning rota

Hygiene status report

Inspector tool

Food safety checklist

State of facilities safety checklist

Risk assessment

COSHH training

Cleaning compliance

Health and safety policy

Workplace hygiene policy

Staff induction

Cleaning product list

Hand hygiene policy

Hand hygiene framework

Review washroom and hand hygiene facilities

Training and compliance documents

Inspection documents

What you get

Stainlesscleans cleaning system folder

All-in-one StainlessCleans 360° cleaning system folder

This physical folder stores all of your documentation, so it’s easy to find and show auditors.

Fresh Clean

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Reduce your cleaning budget with discounts on our eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Including our 3 in 1 cleaner and odour neutraliser that saves you up to £500 or our super concentrated multipurpose cleaner and degreaser that saves you up to £2,000.

Wet floor safety sign

Health and safety tools

Manage important tasks such as risk assessments and COSHH with checklists and documentation.

Training materials

Cleaning and kitchen porter training materials

Save time training new staff and ensure everyone uses the same consistent cleaning practices.

Cleaning signs

High priority cleaning area signs

Make it easy for everyone to see what areas are most important to keep clean.

Mini signs

Cross-contamination control mini signs

Reduce infections by increasing compliance with 4 sheets of colour-coded labels.

Cleaning templates

Save time with ready-made templates

Including checklists, rotas, policies, and documents. Simply fill them in saving you time and ensuring you meet the right standards. Our templates, policy documents, and materials are updated for compliance and backed by Citation, HR, employment law and health and safety advice experts.

Positive Impact

Positive impact badge

Display the positive impact badge on your premises to show cleanliness and sustainability is a priority for your business. With pressure from consumers and businesses choosing companies who are eco-friendly, you can make a positive impact, save money, and ensure people keep choosing you.

Colour coded signs

Essential cleaning material colour-code signs

Reduce illness and sick pay with these A4 signs.

For the cost of
1 cleaning spray
every fortnight you
get a cleaning
system that you can
use every day.

What’s more – you can
cancel anytime!

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cleaning plan now!

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For small to medium
businesses and startups

This is for you if you want:

  • More customers
  • Top hygiene ratings
  • Fewer cleaning costs
  • Decreased staff turnover
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lean & sustainable cleaning
  • Less storage, handling, and admin

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cleaning plan now!

Small to medium businesses

Get started with the StainlessCleans 360°
cleaning system
today for only £59.99

(Per year subscription – Worth £90)

It’s like having an expert to support your business every day
without the cost. We know it’s a struggle for businesses to stay
clean within their budget, that’s why we’ve created this
customised all-in-one cleaning plan to help.

You’ll get:

  • All-in-one cleaning system folder
  • Positive impact badge
  • Health and safety tools
  • Discounts on cleaning products
  • High priority cleaning area signs
  • Save time with ready-made templates
  • Cross-contamination control mini signs
  • Essential cleaning material colour-code signs
  • Cleaning and kitchen porter training materials

Get my customised
cleaning plan now!

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Stainlesscleans cleaning system folder

How to get your plan

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Access your account
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e-templates and policies

Unless your business is consistently getting 5-star food hygiene ratings and could pass the Kim and Aggy test with flying colours, you need to take control of your cleanliness.

What would you rather, spend thousands on cleaning supplies and sick pay or £59.99 for a whole year on our cleaning system?

Get my customised cleaning plan now!