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The benefits of eco-friendly commercial cleaning services

The benefits of eco-friendly commercial cleaning services

There are many benefits of using an eco-friendly cleaning services such as saving costs, a healthier workplace, and increased productivity.

Here’s a few of the benefits you could see by hiring an eco-friendly commercial cleaning service:

Good food hygiene ratings

Customers are willing to pay an average of £8 more on a meal at your restaurant if you have a five-star food rating.

Which means it’s in your best interest to have a consistently high food hygiene rating. This means ensuring your kitchen is always audit-ready including having all the relevant documentation.

A lot of hospitality businesses receive a poor hygiene rating for a lack of documentation, but the right commercial cleaning service will include record-keeping.

Retain staff

The hospitality sector is infamous for having a high staff turnover which increases your recruitment costs. You don’t want to spend money unnecessary and lose valuable members of staff who know your business.

A high staff turnover also creates a vicious cycle. With staff coming and going, cleaning will be inconsistent and there will be a lack of accountability which leads to germs spreading.

Having a consistently clean workplace makes employees more productive and creates pride. 

The benefits of eco-friendly commercial cleaning services Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Protecting customers

Germs from your hands account for 40% of foodborne diseases and 60% are linked to eating establishments and commercial caterers.

If a customer gets sick at your restaurant, you’ll never see them again, and they’ll likely tell everyone they know to avoid you too.

And with the rise in online reviews this news can travel far and wide and impact your reputation and your bottom line.

Having a consistently clean kitchen avoids passing germs to customers and creates a great first impression for customers every time. 

Save costs

From sick pay due to employees spreading infections, to losing custom because of poor hygiene ratings. There are many ways that an unclean workplace can impact your bottom line.

Viruses can be reduced by more than 85% simply by improving cleanliness, so having a consistently clean workplace can have significant benefits. 

The benefits of eco-friendly commercial cleaning services Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Improves reputation

When you make sustainable decisions in your business, you can communicate this to your customers.

Increasing amounts of customers are choosing products and services that are eco-friendly or making an effort to reduce their impact on our environment.

Being sustainable could help you stand out from competitors, attract more customers, and enhance your reputation.

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