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About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning
We’re here to improve
lives, health, and

We are defined by values that go far
beyond cleaning services or hygiene –
making us a truly purpose-driven business

Our Story

We love our world – this vibrant multicultural world, packed full of determined people with enormous energy – energy they channel for a good cause. Every day we see the synergies between people from all works of life, who passionately believe they can make a difference and add value; they drive our world forward and make it a much better place to live and work.

These women and men, boys and girls encourage themselves to be creative and support each other for their growth and progress. They understand that in doing this, the world can be better for it.

In a dynamic environment, they strive to do their best – we focus, completely, in helping to optimize this environment – keeping it positive and always clean, safe and healthy.

Wherever they are, their efforts, ideas, skills and perseverance move this world forward. Because of these men and women, the never give-ups, the non-quitters, those who dare, those who fail and try again and again and again, our world is a much better place.

Business. Hospitality. Two core sectors we know inside, out.

We are in the business of office cleaning for large corporates, as well as small, rapidly growing start-ups. We offer essential services for those in the world of hospitality, providing kitchen portering, alongside restaurant, kitchen and front of house cleaning.

Work, that matters. Employees, who care.

As humans, we are hungry for making a difference. As employees, we strive to have meaning in our jobs. The Stainlesscleans purpose-driven model provides this deeper purpose, helping employees in being motivated and engaged with something bigger than themselves.

From one generation to another, there will always be people who crave to make a difference. You are making a difference or want to make a difference to people’s lives. Let’s achieve this together.

Let’s talk about your needs today.


Our Values

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning


We are supporting and connecting with people just like you, who want to make a difference. We’re reducing our waste, cutting our carbon emissions, and using eco-friendly products.

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning


Our eco-friendly products are gentle on the planet but tough on germs. They help people and businesses work in a cleaner,safer, and healthier work environment by eliminating infection and improving safety.

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Tailored Services

Our expert cleaners create unique services to suit your business. We ensure you protect your staff and customers and let them know their wellbeing is your priority.

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Our Clients

Our Services

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning

Stainlesscleans provide the following services:

Across numerous sectors including:

Hospitality and Catering | Advertising and Media | Entertainment, Sport and Leisure | Technology
Consultants and Financial Services | Legal Services | Education | Property Managing Agent | Charity | Healthcare | Retail

We carry out cleaning services for small to large companies all over London.
Find out how our cleaning services will benefit you.
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Our range of eco-friendly products last longer to reduce carbon emissions and save you money.


Our Partners

Our years of experience of commercial cleaning have helped us create
two companies to complement our cleaning services.

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning


Taste for Hygiene provides affordable and sustainable hygiene products for homes and businesses.

About Us Stainlesscleans Commercial Cleaning


Cleantin is a cloud-based subscription software that ensures your business is always audit ready.