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The Cost of Poor Cleaning to Business Security

The Cost of Poor Cleaning to Business Security

All businesses, regardless of size, need to clean their premises to stay clean and safe. These businesses could either use the services of a cleaning company or achieve this with in-house cleaning staff.
The cleaning tasks would normally include floor cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and removing common waste, along with cleaning and dusting office furniture, blinds, washrooms, computer equipment and much more.

Whichever way a business chooses to achieve this, it’s very important that cleaning and hygiene activities within a business place are planned and executed thoroughly. When this is done smartly, it should deliver returns on every effort. As a business owner, you want to see that your business gets the right support in order to eliminate or mitigate your business risks and protect your investments.

Moreover, setting up a good cleaning and hygiene policy in a workplace and enforcing stringent cleaning and hygiene activities will certainly strengthens your hygiene responsibility to staff and customers.

Many businesses have been destroyed, wealth has been lost, and lives and careers have been ruined because of poor cleaning and hygiene practices. You visit some business premises and what you see is a disaster waiting to happen. Managers and decision makers have the power to prevent such disasters, but cleaning problems are often trivialized. Smart business people pay close attention to the cleaning and hygiene aspects of their business. They go the extra mile to care for the health and wellbeing of their valuable customers, workforce and visitors through the careful planning and execution of good cleaning and hygiene practices. Stringent cleaning and hygiene activities will deliver clear business benefits, including repeat customer business, low staff absentees due to illness and low staff turnover.

Some of the effects of poor cleaning and hygiene practices include the destruction of equipment, a loss of working hours due to illness and repairs, and poor customer loyalty, as most people will be put off by uncleanliness.Many businesses have failed to survive setbacks and scandals resulting from poor business place hygiene. Many careers have suffered the same fate! This is the real business cost of poor cleaning and hygiene practice.

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