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7 Quick Ways to Save MONEY on Cleaning Without Compromising Quality

7 Quick Ways to Save MONEY on Cleaning Without Compromising Quality

  1. Know exactly what your cleaning needs are and not what the contractor or suppliers need to know.
  2. Have a planned cleaning schedule and take a list of all high priority areas and items. Focus more attention on these key areas and items.
  3. Review and, if necessary, cut down on your cleaning hours and integrate periodic deep cleaning with smart post-cleaning inspections and reporting.
  4. Get someone trained within your team to be a cleaning and hygiene Inspector to keep an eye on standards, results and waste.
  5. Expensive cleaning services and products do not necessarily mean extra quality and protection.
  6. Improved hygiene awareness and ensuring all employees and clientele pay a little more attention to good hygiene practices will reduce cleaning and hygiene burdens and costs.
  7. Small is beautiful! Many small cleaning companies with clear, customized work plans can work extremely hard to deliver quality services at less cost. This results in real savings that will have a positive impact on your profit!

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