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How Poor Workplace Hygiene Can Undermines Your Health and Wellbeing

How Poor Workplace Hygiene Can Undermines Your Health and Wellbeing

It is very disturbing to know that most of the illnesses in today’s business environment, responsible for millions of lost working hours and huge economic costs, could be avoided, especially in schools and hospitals.

Workplace environments like hospitals, schools, hotels and food houses, where infection rates are higher, must do more to encourage people to observe proper hand washing routines after using toilets in their premises. This may seem to be over emphasizing the obvious, but you will be surprised to know that so many people don’t really wash their hands properly after using the toilet.

Multimedia, IT and Communication equipment which is not regularly sanitised will harbour viruses and bacteria responsible for illnesses. Regular cleaning procedures will significantly reduce the spread of these germs in the workplace.

It is vital in today’s business environment to reach out for innovative cleaning and hygiene products that will not only be effective in fighting the spread of viruses and bacteria, but could also reduce your business risk and protect your workforce and your equipment. Smart business owners and executives should always be on the lookout for innovative ways to maintain and improve the quality of care for staff and equipment.

However deep the problem of infection rate is in today’s business environment, simple hygiene structures such as good hand washing practices, improved awareness among the workforce, installations of practical hygiene equipment in washrooms and at contact points, and the use of highly effective hand sanitising products would go a long way to saving lives and resources.

There are still many business premises all around us today where you can see how much the health and wellbeing of their workforce, customers and visitors is undermined by poor hygiene facilities that don’t encourage people to wash their hands or do so properly.

Businesses of all sizes must do everything possible to find innovative ways to keep down infection rates in order to protect an integral part of their businesses: their customers, workforce and visitors!

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