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Catering Business Hygiene Accountability that is not for Accountants

Catering Business Hygiene Accountability that is not for Accountants

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of all employees within their business premises. As a business, you are also responsible for any visitors using the facilities in your premises. Catering businesses are no exception. Restaurants, hotels, hostels and all other public houses may be closed down by the Environmental Health Authority if premises fail to uphold satisfactory safety levels. Proper hygiene accountability that ensures this doesn’t happen is the business owner’s responsibility and not accountants,

For restaurants, it is good and safe practice to schedule a regular kitchen and back of house deep clean, depending on the amount work the kitchen and back of house deal with on a daily basis. Don’t get caught out by putting off regular deep cleaning. Avoid any environmental health issues by having your premises regularly cleaned and sanitized by a well trained in-house cleaning team or outsourced to qualified cleaning services.

A dirty kitchen and back of house area is both a health and business risk. It’s a safe haven for pest breeding and a host to dangerous germs that can cause serious infection. It doesn’t have to be expensive to keep your catering business environment regularly clean, hygienic and safe. Creating a workable cleaning plan is vital. Your cleaning plan should pay attention to all areas and items that matter and provide a simple way to monitor progress and keep on-going records.

What is surely expensive in this aspect of hygiene accountability is not doing it all. We advise catering businesses to adhere to these rewarding hygiene practices that make their workplace clean and safe at all times. Such a move will strengthen the company brand, reduce risks and help build business. But frequent damages, scandals, fines or forced closure won’t.

Here at Stainless Cleans, we are proud of our hygiene systems and gold standard kitchen cleaning procedures that drive us through every aspect of your catering premises, using specifically selected chemicals for each task and tried-and-tested cleaning methods. We also offer washroom cleaning, which if not done properly will undermine your task of keeping your food premises hygienically clean and safe.

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