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How to Save Money on Cleaning Costs and Still Maintain a Clean Business Place

How to Save Money on Cleaning Costs and Still Maintain a Clean Business Place

Outsourcing your business’s cleaning needs means every penny must count in return for a clean and safe working environment, especially when it comes to using a cleaning contractor. Before now, there was a lot of money to be thrown around, but with today’s economic climate, many businesses are taking smarter value for money business decisions. Staying on top of your cleaning and hygiene costs is one of the many ways to keep your head above waters.

Ensuring consistent quality cleaning and hygiene standards should be an integral part of any business and if poorly managed, either using a cleaning contractor or in-house cleaners could be costly. However, by setting out a clear and consistent cleaning routine to meet your business cleaning needs, you can reduce cleaning costs and still maintain a clean workplace.

At this time of financial re-structuring for most forward thinking businesses, taking control of the cleaning budget could ease the pressure on your lean working capital and release more money for other important areas.

In the last few years, many businesses have taken drastic decision on how they meet their cleaning needs. Some have rushed to using cheap cleaning services. While the motive may be to cut costs, the question is whether using cheap services is the only way to reduce costs?

Our view is perhaps not. By clearly setting out high priority cleaning areas, items and equipment which are integrated with strident quality control, you can still achieve quality cleaning with less cleaning hours which in turn impacts on your cleaning expenses. More often than not, the cheap option does not guarantee a workplace that is clean, safe and hygienic.

Identify High Priority Areas
The first step to follow is to identify high priority areas in your premise and list them out clearly. These are high traffic and high breeding areas for germs and pests. Depending on the size of your operation, get a cleaner or a team of cleaners trained on your cleaning needs and on the delivery of the standards that your business requires.

If you wish to use a cleaning contractor, the procedure should be the same. You will achieve the best possible outcome by setting out a clear plan for this person, team or contractor. The whole idea is to focus, cut-out waste and to identify key areas and items that you want cleaning work to be carried out on.

Even if getting your workplace premises hygienically clean and safe is a priority, you could easily cut down on general cleaning time by creating priority tasks and customize deep cleaning. This will immediately lower your cleaning costs without having to consult your business advisor or accountant for direction. In the end, you will have a clean business place where your valued customers and staff will feel safe and comfortable.

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