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The Role the Hands Play in Helping You Work Clean, Work Safe and Work Smart

The Role the Hands Play in Helping You Work Clean, Work Safe and Work Smart

Did you know that less than 12% of people wash their hands properly after using the toilet… that puts you at risk!

According to a study by the University of Arizona, a desk is capable of supporting 10 million microbes and the average office contains 20,961 microbes per square inch. The key offenders are telephones, which harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch, keyboards (3,295) and computer mice (1,676). By contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 microbes per square inch.

The dirtiest item in an office is the keyboard; Studies show it’s 400 times dirtier than the average toilet cubicle.
Research carried out by infection control experts show that office workers come into contact with more germs from their phones and keyboards than from toilet seats. Work stations and office equipments have been found to be a strong hub for viruses and bacteria.

Proper hand washing, safe cleaning, and desk, telephone and keyboard sanitising go a long way to ensuring that you work in a clean and safe work environment. Working cleanly and safely is working smart!
It is vital in today’s business environment to use effective cleaning methods and hygiene products that will not only be effective in fighting the spread of viruses and bacteria responsible for illness, but also reduce your business risk and protect your workforce and your equipment. Smart business owners and executives are always looking for innovative ways to maintain and improve the quality of care for staff and equipment.

Did you know that most mobile phones are contaminated with faecal bacteria, which gets carried on by hands and surfaces and then gets spread to everything we touch including keyboards, desks and the hands of other people?

Schools, Hospitals and Hotels where infection rates are high must encourage good hand hygiene practices, including the provision of hand sanitizers, for the care and protection of those using their premises and facilities.
Business owners should do everything possible to find innovative ways to keep down infection rates in order to protect an integral part of their business – the people!

In education and day nurseries, studies have found that most illnesses that cause students and teaching staff to miss school could be avoided if good hand washing measures were in place and implemented. This would mean a drastic reduction in the millions of school days missed and its huge economic impact.

The occurrence of hospital acquired infections in today’s healthcare environment could also be lessened by good hand washing practices, improved awareness and the use of highly effective hand sanitising products.
Multimedia, IT and Communication equipment which is not regularly sanitised harbours viruses and bacteria. Regular cleaning procedures will significantly reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in your working environment.
Encouraging people to wash their hands after using the toilet may seem like stating the obvious but surprisingly, many who claim they do really don’t.
We can effectively and cheaply reduce the spread of many fatal diseases and acute respiratory infections by simply washing our hands with soap and water.
With the help of clean hands, we can affordably and effectively reduce the spread of many fatal diseases and acute respiratory infections. It simply requires you to wash your hands properly with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.

Wherever this becomes an integral part of the working culture, our lovely hands will pave the way for us to work clean, work safe and work smart.

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