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How the Lack of Innovation in Commercial Kitchen Design Quietly Sinks Profits, Fuels Business Risk and Waste

How the Lack of Innovation in Commercial Kitchen Design Quietly Sinks Profits, Fuels Business Risk and Waste

If the least considered aspect of running a restaurant business soon becomes an abyss that endlessly sucks in profits, then it is worth taking a note of.
When restaurants and kitchens are set up, it is often the case that very little attention is paid to cleaning and hygiene in regard to design, layout, materials and structure. Failure to get this right at an early stage is always costly. Designers, engineers, architects, suppliers and builders who are involved in building these catering businesses are often not hugely concerned about keeping business premises and equipment clean, safe and running smoothly on a daily basis.

Here are a few questions we would like to ask:

  • Whose duty is it to keep the restaurant and kitchen premises and equipment clean? The business owner[s]!
  • Who bears the cleaning and hygiene costs? The business owner[s]!!
  • Who faces the Environmental Health Authorities? The business owner[s]!

The more difficult a business premises and equipment are to clean and kept safe, the less profit you keep. Practically so!
The more you try to abandon or pay less attention to cleaning and hygiene due to difficulties arising from poor design, layout, materials and structure, the more it affects your business image, customer perception, staff moral, and contamination risks. You may even end up breaking the law.
It’s the sole duty of the business owners to keep restaurant and kitchen premises clean, safe, and hygienic, and to stay in the good books of the Environment Health Authorities.

If this simple analysis is correct then it becomes smart to think differently about your catering business and allow for quick, simple and safe cleaning methods which can be integrated into all aspects of the design and setup. Many designs and structure out there are a safe haven for germs and pests to breed.

A restaurant chain who started in London and grew to become a very successful brand gave its head of cleaning the opportunity to contribute to their kitchen layout to help make sure that quick, simple and safe cleaning was integrated into its kitchen layout. This paid off handsomely! This is practically unheard of in the industry. It’s not popular, yet it’s a very smart thing to do.

This move will help to ensure that your final design takes into consideration quick, simple and cost effective cleaning that will not eat up profit.
The same principle applies to retails stores, gyms, schools, offices and all modern business premises.

Every good design must cater for quick, simple and cost effective cleaning and hygiene activities. This will take away worries, save you money, protect your business and project your brand.
So next time you set up your catering business, make sure you go for cleaning and hygiene friendly designs, layouts and materials.

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